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Global Reach. Local Delivery.

  • WRG pioneered tenant representation as the first firm to do it exclusively in DMV in 1988.

  • WRG's affiliates span the globe and give our clients market expertise with boots on the ground.

Persistent Ethical and Disciplined Representation. 

Our clients have come to revere our innovative capabilities and personal approach.  We have been called relentless without being obstinate.   We are creative and imaginative without ever losing sight of our moral principles.  This is our creed.  We are dedicated to excellence, and we know that being right is not sufficient; being effective is.


We listen.

We will learn about your business culture from the C-Suite to the z-suite. The workplace is evolving rapidly. Your employees are your lifeblood and likely the single greatest factor in determining your success. We will become a part of your team making sure real estate is a positive driver for employee engagement.


We imagine.

Whether to renew, relocate, or purchase always brings many questions. And opportunities. Warrant Buffet is quoted, “Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.” Benefit from our experience with the F100s & F500s and large professional corporations and allow us to share cutting edge strategies we implement daily. Imagine what we can do together.


We innovate.

Yea, we know, it’s a $3 word in any business coach’s vocabulary. Let’s look at it: 

in·no·vate (ˈinəˌvāt)
make changes in something established, especially by introducing new methods, ideas, or products

We not only focus on the tasks at hand, but also think critically about the work. We are constantly in the process of myriad projects, and this ongoing work is what leads us to new tactics. Some call it innovation. Some call it growth. We call it essential.


We analyze.

Our attention to detail will drive some crazy. Thankfully, they are mostly landlords. Every analysis we do looks back to your initial objectives and forward to your ultimate goals. Seeing the big picture is good. Knowing what is needed is better. Getting it into the lease is best.


We know.

Negotiating is what we do. And, knowledge is king in negotiations. We have the necessary experience and skills creating optimal strategies for you to attain the best business and legal terms. Because we transact projects all over the globe, we know commercial real estate markets like you know your name. We better.


We persist.

Owning our craft and being experts in our field enables our patience and creativity to shine at this phase. And, we are tenacious when it comes to succeeding for our clients. Yes, like, uh, a dog on a bone.


We execute.

What’s visualizing and imagining without doing??? Let us share a recent example with a client.

Our instincts told us their headquarters was located in a market on the verge of changing, an inflection point you might say. Without any direction from the person in charge of real estate, we gathered market data supporting our vision and created a plan with a concrete goal in mind. Presenting the plan to the director of real estate received a green light. They then presented it to senior management. Another green light. Execution of this vision borne of honed intuition ended up saving our client over $36.3 MM. Leadership told us we "executed the hell out of it!”



We achieve.

Measuring thermodynamics led Lord Kelvin to say, “If you cannot measure it, you cannot improve it.” Of course, it is difficult to measure knowledge or creativity or ingenuity. Yet, we know it when we see it. Our guage is our value-add to our clients. We measure it on each and every project. Recently, we saved a Fortune 500 client over $24MM on a project. Let us show you how.


Let us get to work for you!


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