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You want to know your interests are first...that you have an intelligent, imaginative and innovative team behind you.
And, once you have all that, you want your team to negotiate and execute, negotiate and execute...



Restructurings | Expanions | Retractions 

Recently, we saved a client over $19.2MM on one project. Leverage was key. We created it using a combination of strategies against the landlord and other agencies and attaining myriad incentives.

Meet with us and find out how. 


Lease or own? Purchase or build?

We unite multi-disciplinary experts onto one team. Our client needed speed to market without sacrificing. Within 17 months on this build-to-suit, they were in more efficient space under time and under budget.

Meet with us and find out how. 


Strategic Planning

Aligning our client's real estate and broader business strategies is imperative. We remodel thinking of real estate from an expense (to be minimized) to an asset that can support business units, leverage their growth and increase profits. Meet with us and find out how.


Data Management & Analytics | Planning

Integration, tracking, and workflows are key to your portfolio. Your technology should serve you, not the other way around. Watch outcomes accelerate when you have the right technology in place.

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Managing Your Risk | Saving You Money

Confucius says, "One who doesn't think & plan ahead will find trouble at their door." We will ensure most issues never happen in the first place. If they do, we drive recouping any over-charges by your landlord. Meet with us and find out how.


FASB | IASB New Standards

The requirement for more transparency and better financial reporting means more and better processes, systems, and technology by today's tenants. We lead our clients proactively complying and optimizing their portfolios. Meet with us and find out how. 

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